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MaxxKonnect, Angry Audio, and Logitek join forces to form Triple Helix Technologies

In news that may just be the best thing since your favorite band got back together, MaxxKonnect, Angry Audio, and Logitek would like to introduce you to a new supergroup, Triple Helix Technologies. This trio represents some of your favorite brands, including MaxxKonnect Wireless to bring reliable connectivity anywhere, StudioHub to make wiring your facilities a snap, MK Technical Services to help you reach your goals in building or remodeling your studios and transmitter sites, Angry Audio with widgets and gadgets to solve common studio challenges, and Logitek bringing brand new affordable AoIP systems to the table.

All these brands come together under the Triple Helix Technologies umbrella to not only do what they’ve done best for as long as you’ve known them, but to combine with a common vision and do it even better, at a lower cost. We’re bringing a brand-new era of technology innovation to the broadcast industry at prices that won’t make your accountant shriek in pain. And hey…who doesn’t like the combination of better technology AND more affordable?

MaxxKonnect, Angry Audio, and Logitek will become wholly owned subsidiaries under the new company, with Josh Bohn leading the charge as CEO, Mike “Catfish” Dosch heading up product development, and Tag Borland wrangling technology. The three long-time industry veterans will be equal co-owners of the company, representing well over 100 years of collective experience.

Josh Bohn founded technical services and connectivity company Bohn Broadcast Services in 1998 and rebranded it as The MaxxKonnect Group in 2021. Previously he held engineering positions with Main Line Broadcasting, Clear Channel, Radio One, Cumulus and Delmarva Broadcasting.

Michael “Catfish” Dosch started as a console designer with Pacific Research & Engineering and became its VP/COO. He later was founder/president of the Axia Audio division of Telos Alliance, then joined Lawo where he served as product manager for their radio group. He founded Angry Audio in 2018 and left Lawo in 2019 to run Angry Audio full time.

Tag Borland co-founded Logitek Electronic Systems in 1979. In addition to leading the company, he has continued during that time as its principal equipment designer, and he oversaw the company’s move to a new manufacturing location in 2021.

Our vision is to make modern technologies like Audio over IP (AoIP) accessible to even the smallest broadcasters. “We’re not afraid to shake things up a bit and try something new,” said Bohn. “My roots are in smaller-market radio stations, where I learned how to perform miracles on a shoestring budget.” Bohn continues, “This is the genesis for Triple Helix Technology where we are using technology innovation to help broadcasters with more modest budgets do more and spend less. For example, Logitek offers us the ability to provide some amazing new AoIP options at a price point that even smaller broadcasters can afford without compromising on quality or features.”

Some of those products include the 1RU Jet67 mix engine, the flexible yet cost effective MixIt, the fully featured Helix, and the Helix Studio soft surface. “We’re super excited to bring affordable AoIP options to the market,” said Borland “and have a whole new range of products coming down the pipe.” Logitek’s Jet67 engine and other products will natively speak AES67, Livewire, Ravenna, and (optionally) Dante so no matter what existing standard a facility may be using, or even if they have yet to venture into AoIP, these systems will drop right in. We think that’s pretty cool. The best part? Awesome AoIP consoles that start at under $6,500.

Dosch wrapped things up by saying “This greatly expands our mix of products and services, but what is more interesting is the synergy in the combined group. Just wait until you see what’s next!”

Triple Helix Technologies, headquartered in Pelham, AL, leads in delivering innovative broadcasting solutions. Our commitment to advancing technology transforms broadcasting for creators and networks worldwide.Our brands, including Maxxkonnect, StudioHub, MK Technical Services, Angry Audio, and Logitek, unify under a common vision: to provide broadcasters with cost-effective products and services that punch far above their weight, offering major market performance for small market budgets.

MaxxKonnect is a full-service broadcast technical firm based in Pelham, AL.  They provide MaxxKonnect Wireless prioritized LTE service for broadcast & industry, as well as design and build services for studio and transmitter sites through their MK Integration group.

Angry Audio manufactures problem-solving products for professional broadcasters. They design gadgets and gizmos that solve difficult studio problems for broadcasters and podcasters, in addition to the StudioHub line of products, the de-facto standard for transporting audio over twisted-pair wiring using RJ45 connections.

Logitek designs and manufactures digital audio consoles and AoIP products for the broadcast and professional audio industries that are used in radio and television facilities worldwide. They are a leader in AoIP solutions for broadcast, supporting multiple AoIP standards.

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